Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Prayer for Lent

Father -
I cower under a weighty pile of stuff:
  tasks, expectations, plans, and sin.
 Much of it is good.
 Some of it is excellent.
 A lot of it has no real value at all
    other than giving me a grave in which to hide.
I long for your Resurrection.
I am looking to that great Day
  when we will so wonderfully celebrate that
  He is risen, indeed!
But I know that in order to best say yes
  on that special Resurrection Day
  I should say no today…
  no to pieces of the pile under which I hide,
  no to the worthless,
  no to the self indulgent,
  and even no to some of the seemingly good.
Help me, Father, with gifts of courage and wisdom
  to say no,
  even to the good,
  so that I may say YES to the best.
Please give me grace to prepare my heart to say Yes, again,
  To Your Resurrection.
Thank You that we pray
  in the Name of the Resurrected One: Jesus. Amen.