Friday, May 2, 2014

Warning! Worship or Weed?

And now for a little humor… 

With legalized, recreational marijuana coming online in Washington in the coming days, it appears that State Route 9 in unincorporated, south Snohomish County is the place to be. It must be a mix of proximity to population, easy access, and ambiguous zoning. With a new establishment popping up this week, I think there are now eight weed shops in the six miles between where we live near Mill Creek and where we get on Highway 522 near Woodinville. 

As we were cruising north together this week, it occurred to Laurie and me that a lot of the words in the names of these new weed businesses sounded familiar

I appreciate that churches are applying fresh strategies and tactics to draw people in, and proclaim the Gospel. One of the ways we do this is by selecting contemporary names. Whether it is setting a brand for a new church, or rebranding an established church, many from our ilk are using very creative names these days to brand the various local expressions of the Body of Christ. 

So… in order to help you sharpen your skills so that you don’t mistakenly find yourself walking in to the wrong establishment, let’s play:
Weed Shop, Alternative Rock Band, or Contemporary Church?

The Cure
Green Salvation
The Grove
Higher Ground
The Source
The Collective
The Gathering
The Exchange
The Burning Bush
The Call
Collective Soul
The Oasis
The Vine
The Connection
New Millennium
The Vibe
The Healing Center
House of Love
The Mission
The Harvest

And, by the way, if you find a weed shop named Pleasant Bay (which I suppose is entirely possible)… please let me know!

I actually did a quick search on these names; you can find the results here.

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  1. haha! It's frightening that I really can't tell the difference!