Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pulpitarian – The Launch

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had a few people ask me to write more. I’ve blogged from time to time is spaces like WorkAndCalling.com and Leadership Commentary, but in those spaces I’ve tried to stick to the topic of the blog (sometimes, I admit, I’ve only been slightly tethered to the topic). I decided to fire up another space, hence pulpitarian.com. I picked the name pulpitarian for a few reasons:

  1. It is really rare to find a one-word domain name that is either available or affordable. Since most of the one-word names were grabbed long ago, new domain names these days are either compound words (like PleasantBayChurch.org) or made up words (like greatifiers.com). Pulpitarian, of course, isn’t exactly a common word… but it is a word. Even though I got a red, squiggly line under the word when I first typed it into Word, Merriam-Webster says it is a word so I’m standing with that authority (with a certain amount of self-satisfied glee).
  2. I am a preacher, and much of what I might write here at pulpitarian.com may have some tangential relationship to the things I’m saying, thinking about, or researching in relation to my responsibilities at Pleasant Bay Church. With that said… this is my blog and the what I write here does not necessarily represent the views of Pleasant Bay Church or Cedar Park Assembly of God or any other organization.  
  3. Furthermore… I intend to use the word more liberally than merely a church pulpit. We all have various pulpits... platforms from which we speak to our various spheres of influence. I won’t limit myself to the kinds of things I might say from a church pulpit as an ordained Christian preacher; I’ll also stand up to this online pulpit from various perspectives including citizen, husband, father, friend, educator, businessman, aficionado… you get the picture.
I hope to gather readers who will join the conversation; please leave comments. I will turn on the moderation feature, mostly just to filter out spam… so if you don’t see your comment right away, give me a few hours and check again.

Finally, thanks for checking out the site and welcome! Feel free to suggest ideas for future posts.  

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